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          Fire Station Play Set

          Bigjigs Toys - http://bigjigstoys.com/

          $160.00     Buy Now

          Age range   3 years thru 10 years      

          Toy Type   ES --   FP --   TY --   WT --  

          This red-brick Fire Station and Engine is perfect for ‘igniting’ the imagination of youngsters. This beautifully crafted wooden fire house opens out to reveal the firemen’s sleeping quarters, the firemen’s pole, and somewhere to store the fire engine. Children can develop their creativity and imagination as they use the fire tower to train the firemen and the fire truck, with rotating ladder and removable hose, to help save the day. This set includes 1 chief, 3 firemen, a fire truck, fire tower and station. Made from high quality, responsibly sourced materials, and conforms to current North American safety standards.

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